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What is the Haivenu?
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What is the Haivenu?
It's a tiny orchid that grows only on the craggy limestone cliffs of the islands in Ha Long Bay in north-east Vietnam. Its botanical name is 'paphiopedilium concolor', known in Vietnam as the 'yellow slipper orchid' after its dainty blossoms. Despite its diminutive size, it's a determined survivor, clinging tightly to niches in the rocks faces defying baking sun and torrential rain.

We chose the Haivenu as our logo partly for its striking beauty, but mostly it expresses the qualities that we want for our company.

The Haivenu is rare and unique to Vietnam. We're one of a tiny number of travel companies that can offer you a genuine tailor-made luxury private tour or holiday at an affordable price.

Like the Haivenu, we're tenacious. Nothing is too much trouble for us: we apply the highest standards of quality to everything we do.

Having the Haivenu as our logo also reminds us of our commitment to conserving the environment of our beautiful country. We avoid 'ecotourism' in environmentally sensitive areas and encourage our customers to travel with light footsteps. Viet Nam is a beautiful country with a rich culture: we want to keep it that way.

We are a young Vietnam tour operator, committed to providing top-quality, personalised service and fully sustainable tourism. Our mission is to provide you with a memorable experience of the real Vietnam by avoiding the usual tourist routes in favour of unspoilt landscapes, unusual attractions and the fascination of the daily life of ordinary people. We want you to carry home the image of the Haivenu to remind you of our remarkable country - exciting, exotic, safe and friendly.

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Company details

Haivenu's registration details, licence to operate, and company information:


Haivenu Vietnam:
Haivenu is a registered Vietnamese company affiliated to the Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA), the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA - Vietnam Chapter), and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). We are a private business, one of the first travel agents to be granted an official international operating licence by the Vietnamese government. Our registration details are below.

Company Registration


Company registration number


Date of Registration

25th December 2000

Registration authority

People's Committee of Hanoi City, Dept. of Planning and Investment, Business Registration Office

International Licence


International Operator Licence number

01-300/2014/TCDL-GP LHQT

Date of issue

10th July 2014

Issuing authority

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT)

Bonding Account




Company contact details


Company name

Haivenu Company Limited

Hanoi Head office

12, Nguyen Trung Truc, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Vietnam


(++84) 04 3927 2917


(++84) 04 3927 2916


Web sites

Ho Chi Minh City Office  


15B/98B Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


(++84) 08 3827 2992


(++84) 08 3827 2994


Our People
At present, we have twenty-five specialists who work as a tightly-knit team totally committed to responsible tourism at our three offices. Apart from our housekeeper, all are university graduates and all speak fluent English.

Managing Director: Ha (Ms. Vo Thi Bich Ha, B.A. English, Dalat)
After several years in the tourism business, Ha founded Haivenu on Christmas Day, 2000. Since then, she has established it as a successful international tourism company and Vietnam's leading specialist tour operator. Apart from running the business and training the staff, she's an excellent swimmer, a talented painter and an aficionado of rock music. She has ambitious plans for Haivenu - she's already opened a branch in Ho Chi Minh City and plans further offices in the UK, Cambodia and Thailand. She runs the company as a family, but insists on the highest standards of professionalism.

Deputy Director: Thu Ba (Mrs Hoang Thu Ba)
Thu Ba is a native Hanoian, born and bred. Married with two young children, her days start off bright and early with her biggest challenge – waking up her daughter in time for school. Her unusual name indicates she is the third child and born in autumn, her favourite season. She was especially proud that her son arrived in time for Hanoi’s Millennial Anniversary in October 2010. She loves to cook and welcomes visitors with Hanoi specialties pho or bun cha. In tourism for ten years and now part of the Haivenu family, she looks forward to working out all the details of your trip.

Sales Manager: Thu (Ms. Duong Minh Thu, Hanoi)
Thu is a cheerful soul, who is a welcome addition to our staff. She hails from the coastal city of Hai Phong which is the gateway to Halong Bay and home to an astounding variety of Vietnamese foods. Cooking and cuisine are a particular passion for Thu, and she loves to learn new dishes and sharing her culinary skills with new friends. She and her loving husband have a new baby which has brought both unexpected challenges and joys. She loves the travel industry for introducing her to other peoples and cultures, for the chances to see other parts of the world and for making her a more self-confident, optimistic, and thoughtful person.

Tour Operator: Nham (Ms. Bui Thi Nham, B.A in English - College of Foreign Studies, Hanoi)
Nham is a worker bee, letting the results of her efforts do the talking. Devoted to family, Nham relishes meals at home and also looks forward to trips to her village in Thai Binh Province. Her family there always puts on a feast of home-grown veggies, fruits, fowl or fish, and she is never quite ready to head back to the city when it is time to go. Joining Haivenu in 2010, she appreciates (and adds to) the family atmosphere in the company. She is tireless in providing detailed, informative assistance to colleagues and clients alike, and loves to meet guests when given the opportunity.

Branch Office Manager: Vinh (Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, Ho Chi Minh City)
As a child in Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh dreamed of traversing the world by hot air balloon. Now with a degree in English and tourism management, extensive knowledge of and travel experience throughout Southeast Asia, and still dreaming of voyages further afield, it’s easy to see his dedication to the industry. A well-rounded character, you might find Vinh listening to jazz, practicing Tai Chi, or putting on a rock show at a local nightspot. He values the inventiveness and professionalism at Haivenu Tours and is happy to share his knowledge of the complex cultures, cuisines and histories of our destinations with clients.

Tour Operator: Thanh Ha (Ms. Ngo Thanh Ha, Ho Chi Minh City)
Ha’s family home is a typical Mekong Delta house, with a garden by a canal. However, her family moved to Ho Chi Minh City when she was a child, where she grew up with two sisters and one naughty little brother. Everyone in her house says just what they are thinking, a trait to which she attributes the closeness of her family. With a respectable collection of romance and detective novels, she says reading warms her heart. Her thirst for travel is unquenchable, and in her position at Haivenu Tours she takes great pleasure in working one-on-one to design the optimal itinerary for every client.

Tour Operator: Bich Phuong (Ms. Phung Bich Phuong, Hanoi)
Growing up just outside of Hanoi, Phuong enjoyed flying kites and dreamed of exploring life in the wider world. Her choice to study tourism gave her just that opportunity. Having worked in tourism sales and as a guide, in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, she is now married with a daughter and settled back in Hanoi. A street food fanatic, she knows Vietnam’s destinations by their flavours. Hoi An and the Mekong Delta top her list of places to return to, and in the meantime she’s eager help you discover everything that Vietnam has to offer.

Hoa Mi (Ms. Truong Hoa Mi, Ho Chi Minh City)
With a passion for the travel industry, Mi studied Hospitality and Tourism Management for three years in Australia. She spent a full year after graduation working in a resort in Danang, falling totally in love with the local food and people. She says working with Haivenu is her golden opportunity to develop her skills and tourism career. Outside of work, her ideals include living by the sea, traveling the world with her husband, and living simply. Under the motto: “Treat others how you want to be treated,” she aims to help travellers feel right at home when in Vietnam; happy and comfortable.

Tour Operator: Trang (Ms. Nguyen Nhu Trang, Ho Chi Minh City)
Being born in Hanoi, raised in Ho Chi Minh City and having studied abroad for 6 years, Trang’s personality reflects this mix of cultures and points of view. She’s an energetic and outgoing person, but sometimes you can find her sitting quietly in a cafe solving a puzzle or reading a classic novel. With a passion for culture and history, she has travelled a lot to explore the world. Joining the dynamic Haivenu team, Trang looks forward to the opportunity to share her knowledge about her beloved Vietnam and Southeast Asia, as well as learning about other cultures in working with clients.

Accountant: Hanh (Ms. Pham Thi Hanh, Ho Chi Minh City)
Hanh graduated from the University of Finance & Accounting in Ho Chi Minh City and joined Haivenu in 2008. She loves her work as an accountant, although even she occasionally gets a headache from all those numbers. After the numbers are in their proper places, she enjoys music, coffee shops and going out with friends for karaoke or a movie. When she has a chance to escape the city, she heads for the beach, or rounds up her friends for a tour. "The more we travel, the more we learn," she says; a guiding ideal from her childhood world travel dreams to her work today.

Cashier/legal adviser: Sam ( Ms Nguyen Thi Quynh Sam)
Sam another arrival straight from University in Phu Yen, a province nearly a thousand kilometres away to the south. A couple of months ago, she decided Haivenu was the only company for her and moved to Hanoi to join us. Unusual in Vietnam, she's fiercely independent. She travelled north alone and refused all offers of help from her family in finding accommodation - not bad for a young lady who hadn't been much further than her home town. Sam has already settled into city life and is making new friends. She's currently improving her English in evening classes - she's ambitious as well.

Accountant: Giang (Ms. Bui Thi Giang, Hanoi)
Giang joined Haivenu as an accountant in 2010. Originally from Nam Dinh Province, she now lives about 40 minutes from Haivenu’s head office in Hanoi, along with her husband, who she says is "honest, level-headed and in love." Hard-working and optimistic, she enjoys going for walks, playing badminton, listening to music and reading. She appreciates the professional and supportive environment at Haivenu Tours, and always looks forward to the chance to travel together. In her accounting tasks she is dedicated and careful, never missing an opportunity to support her colleagues.

Accountant: Nguyet (Ms. Tran Thi Thu Nguyet, Ho Chi Minh City)
Thu Nguyet, a graduate of the University of Finance and Marketing, is a 7 year resident of Ho Chi Minh City and loves the friendliness of the city’s inhabitants. Ho Chi Minh City is her second home; every couple of months she goes back to visit her parents in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai. When stressed from her work as an accountant for Haivenu, she finds a chance to travel, appreciating the special beauty and lifestyles she finds at each destination. She intends to spend more time discovering the rest of Vietnam, and travelling abroad to explore other cultures and gain experience.

Tour Operator: Mai Sen (Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Sen, Hanoi)
Mai Sen was born in Bac Ninh Province just outside Hanoi, home to many temples and traditions, perhaps most notably Quan Ho folk singing. As it happens, Mai Sen is a passionate singer of Quan Ho. These folk melodies express the range of human emotions, and she won’t miss an opportunity to perform Quan Ho for visitors. Her name combines the words for apricot and lotus blooms; beautiful and artistic. Travel has long been her hobby, and she thrives in the disciplined work environment at Haivenu. Like most true performers, she is also a careful listener – a vital skill for a Haivenu Personal Tour Operator.

Housekeeper: Chi Be (Ms Bui Thi Ha)
Chi Be means Mrs. Small in Vietnamese. Her real name is Ha, the same as our Managing Director, so to avoid confusion she's acquired a highly accurate nickname - she's tiny (but also has the loudest voice!).

Chi Be is our only staff member without a degree, but is one of the most important employees - she keeps the offices spotlessly clean, provides excellent meals, supplies plants and flowers (and keeps them alive) and, using her tool box, makes running repairs as well as a host of other tasks.

Tourism Development Consultant: Len (Mr. Leonard Tooke, M.A., B.Ed. London)
Len is the retired ex-principal of a large UK secondary school. Arriving in Vietnam as a volunteer teacher in Ha Long Bay, he later worked as the Resident Consultant to UNESCO before joining Haivenu. Len is now a registered Hanoi resident and assists with training and tourism development.

He's also a singer with our Vietnamese rock band, rides a bicycle and plays squash regularly. At 62, he's by far our oldest employee and proud of his status as the oldest rocker in town, and probably in Vietnam. His ambition is to grow old disgracefully - he's well on the way to achieving it!

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