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Being outstanding among Vietnamese travel agencies, we are highly reputable for providing top-quality and customized holidays and vacations. Please click "Sample Tours" for our Vietnam 2003 and 2004 holidays.  
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What we aim at:
Creating fabulous itineraries full of human interest, breathtaking places and off-beat activities
Being known around the world for the high quality of our service
Getting it right every time

What we do: 
We work with you to develop truly 'tailor made' Vietnam travel tours that will include whatever you want to see and do, a variety of authentic experiences, and avoid obvious tourist areas and crowded destinations wherever possible. We go to extraordinary lengths to design tours that will bring you close to Vietnam's unique features, culture and lifestyle, and will fit your interests and preferences exactly. We provide you free Vietnam travel information and advice based on our local knowledge.

We make suggestions, provide Vietnam travel information and encourage you to give us your ideas. We like challenges - when you come up with something tricky, our staff members work together to find a solution. If we think something is beyond our scope, we'll tell you, and try to provide you with the names of other specialist organisations.

We get close to our customers. We don't like automated systems or standard messages and replies. You'll always deal directly with real people, friendly, helpful and highly efficient. We like to meet our customers in person wherever possible, at a welcome dinner or maybe at a local Vietnamese 'bia hoi' or street café, not just to say 'hello', but also to talk over any concerns, get some feedback, and have a good time!

What we don't do:
We don't do package tours. We're in tourism because we enjoy working with people, not grinding out mass-produced low cost vacations. We design high quality private Vietnam travel tours and holidays for individuals, families and groups.

We don't do 'products'. A Haivenu tour or holiday is unique! You choose exactly what you want, not what someone thinks you want.

We don't do 'cheap', either. Low prices usually mean large groups on fixed itineraries visiting crowded tourist areas. We prefer to work with people who want to see the real face of Vietnam - travellers, not tourists!

About our website: 

The site is in five sections:

This section contains details about Haivenu - its philosophy, methods of working and staff, the official status and details of the company, and practical information about booking and paying for a tour or holiday.

'About Vietnam' is a large section covering most aspects of Vietnam, past and present. It is an extensive source of information about our country, more comprehensive and accurate than a guidebook, and definitely more up to date.

'Destinations' is an overview of many of the possible places to visit in Vietnam, with accurate descriptions and our view of what they have to offer. The opinions are expressed with the interests, tastes and preferences of a non-Vietnamese visitor firmly in mind - no hype or flowery prose!

'Tours' contains an assortment of examples of the holidays and tours that we design for customers. Each one is an example, not a product, because we design each itinerary to order.

'Practical Things' is a miscellany of advice, hints, tips, information and 'do's and don'ts', some of it very obvious for the seasoned traveller, but some of it less straightforward.

We've tried to make this website as informative as possible, but we're well aware that it can always be improved. We welcome all constructive comments and suggestions to help us to expand and develop it.

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