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As we develop the itinerary for your holiday, we will check the availability of hotels and, if possible, make provisional bookings. To do this, we will need early notification of your flight details. Once we have agreed the itinerary and the price, and received your instruction to proceed, we will ask you to pay a minimum 15% deposit to our bank to cover our costs if you cancel thereafter. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will make firm bookings and confirm them to you. You can pay by bank transfers. We can accept payments by all types of credit and debit cards (except American Express) without a surcharge for a total amount of deposit up to £1,000.00.

Please note that, in several areas, hotels become fully booked well in advance because there are few adequate alternatives, or sometimes none at all. It is therefore in your interests to pay the deposit as early as possible to secure the best availability. At this stage, you may choose to pay the full price rather than a deposit, thereby avoiding a second transfer fee.

Full payment of the balance must be made by electronic transfer in time to arrive in our account no later than 40 days before your departure for Vietnam. Alternatively, you can pay by credit/debit cards if the total balance doesn't exceed £1,000.00.

In the event of the full payment not reaching our account by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel all bookings and the contract between us.

If you ask for changes to be made after you have paid in full, but before your date of departure, any increase in the price must be settled by credit card before your arrival in the destination. Again, the total amount of the balance must not exceed £1,000.00 in total. If changes result in a reduction of the price, you will be reimbursed via your credit card upon arrival less any costs that we have reasonably incurred.

If you ask for changes to be made during your time in the destination, we will advise you of the extra cost and only proceed on your instruction. Any extra costs that you have incurred by altering your itinerary while you are in Viet Nam must be settled immediately. If the alteration involves a reduction, we will refund you the saving in local currencies, less any costs that we have reasonably incurred, before you leave Viet Nam. No refunds will be made for any unused elements of the itinerary.


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