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Responsible Tourism Policy

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Making a Difference

All tourism makes a difference. Sadly, all too often the difference is negative.

The 'long haul' revolution
Many people living in the developed world feel drawn to visit the world's great wildernesses and cultures. They look for unspoilt lands to view the wildlife, experience traditional cultures or simply savour the peace and beauty of wide-open spaces. They seek new experiences and a wider understanding of the world we share, and are prepared to travel the world to find them.

Unfortunately, the growth of tourism threatens the fragile beauty of these areas. All things remaining more or less equal, it's estimated that more than a billion tourists will be travelling the planet in search of paradise by the year 2010.

Such explosive growth will have a profound impact upon on environments and cultures. Unless we can protect delicate eco-systems and civilisations that are already struggling for survival, paradise will be lost forever.

Vietnam tourism
At present, the direct impact of Vietnam tourism has been limited to a few areas, but indirectly, the presence of large numbers of visitors is causing damage. In a poor country, the obvious wealth of people from developed countries is a powerful lure. Unsustainable use of natural areas and exploitation of natural resources is a growing concern.

In common with most undeveloped countries, Vietnam's problem is not obtaining income from tourism activities: it's keeping the money in the country and directing it towards the impoverished communities who live in the areas that attract tourists.

Our responsibilities
As a responsible Vietnam tour operator, we do our best to minimise the amount of money that leaves the country via international hotel chains and similar routes by using Vietnam hotels and service providers wherever practical.

Unlike many Vietnam tour companies, we take our responsibility towards protecting the culture and environment of the countries in which we work very seriously. We work with our Tourism Association, NGOs and local communities to support initiatives to use Vietnam tourism as a means of improving the income of local people.

Apart from building in visits to worthy undertakings of one kind and another into a Vietnam travel package, we also collaborate with specific social and environmental projects. The pages in this section of our web site describe some of the enterprises we support. We hope you will feel like helping them too!



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