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We are always interested in working with tour operators who share our approach to tourism, as described in our ‘Company Policy', and our commitment to high quality and ethical behaviour.

We prefer a partnership arrangement based upon mutual trust and reciprocal benefit, and are happy to collaborate in a variety of ways.

As a wholesaler
We are a tailor-made tour company offering top-quality tours and holidays in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We can supply you with a tour for a small group, a couple or an individual, customised to order and discounted from the price we would apply for a retail sale. For a quotation, you need only to send details of your clients and their interests. We will send you a full itinerary and price within 24 hours. Subsequent amendments will be made without charge for the work involved.

Alternatively, we can design an attractive itinerary for you to market under your brand name.

In both cases, we would expect operate as your ground handler, thus ensuring that your visitors' experience is subject to our high levels of quality control.

As a purchaser
We are interested in expanding our area of operation in Southeast Asia. Ideally, we prefer to work with small or medium-sized companies who can offer ‘one-off', good quality products. For us, a critical element in any working arrangement is a possible partner's turnaround time. We work on a twenty-four hour response basis, and thus expect a ‘same-day reply' service.

If you are interested.....
If you want to know more about Haivenu, please contact us. Beyond the above, we don't have any other particular prerequisites, so we welcome any companies with fresh ideas and an innovative approach.



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