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This section of the website contains practical information, advice and tips to help you to get the best out of a visit to Vietnam. It deals with specific information such as getting a visa, suggestions for what to bring, health issues, avoiding pitfalls and dealing with possible problems. The FAQs page contains some of the issues that have cropped up from time to time.

Information about Vietnam
We have designed this web site to provide as much information about Vietnam and its people as possible. We firmly believe that the more a visitor knows about Vietnam in advance, the more he or she will be able to appreciate its remarkable characteristics and qualities. Important though that is, it's being able to deal with the basic nuts and bolts of getting around on the trains, how much to give a guide for a tip, what to wear, how to avoid making a faux pas, and all the other minor issues and problems that can arise, that make a holiday stress-free and relaxing.

If you're an experienced traveller, much of this will be familiar to you. If not, we hope this section will provide answers to some of your questions, help you to adjust quickly, and contribute to enjoying your time in our country.

There are bound to be plenty of concerns that have not been covered. If there's something you want to know, or you want advice, or you don't have time to read the pages, just e-mail us with your query. You'll get a reply by return.

Help our web site to grow
If you think we can improve the information we provide, please let us know. This web site is being continuously updated and more pages are being added. If there is a topic about Vietnam that interests you, but is only covered superficially or not at all, please tell us. We'll send you the information you want and, if it seems to be of a more general interest, we'll create a new page and add it to the site.




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