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  Vietnam North & South Tour
21 Days
  Vietnam North & South Tour
14 Days
  Culture and Heritage Tour
9 Days
  Ethnic Minorities Holidays
11 Days
  The Mekong Delta Tour
7 Days
  Beach tropical vacations
6 Days
  Nature Trails Tour 12 Days
  Diving and Biking Holiday
14 Days
  Take it Easy Honeymoon
7 Days
  Wine and Rose Honeymoon Vacations 15 Days
  Exlusive and Eco-friendly Honeymoon 14 Days
  The American Veterans
13 Days
  The Australian Veterans
3 Days
  Cambodia Wonder Extension
4 Days
  Laos Hightlight Extension
6 Days
  Malaysia Historical Link
4 Days
  Thailand Overview Extension
7 Days
  Indochina Colonial Luxury
15 Days

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Paddy-field in SapaThis section of the web site contains our sample tailor made worry-free tours and tropical vacations in Vietnam and Indochina. Each one is based on different localities and activities with one of the ten themes below. As we are a Vietnamese specialist company offering tailor-made holidays, family vacations, and adventure tours for small groups, we can make changes and modifications to the following tour itineraries according to your requirements and preferences. Once we have an idea of your likes and dislikes, we can suggest variations and new possibilities at any stage up to a short time before departure, and sometimes even during your visit. The final tour can be completely customised for you.

When you click on one tour, you will see an outline of the itinerary. If it interests you, click on ‘Full version’ for detailed tours and prices and click on 'Tour map' for the Vietnam maps of your holidays.

Vietnam cultural tours and beach holidays includes:

Vietnam North and South 14 or 21 Days – a tour through Vietnam covering all the main attractions in a single itinerary.

A ethnic minority girl in the Northern Mountains Vietnam Culture and Heritage – a vacation to visit the extensive range of varied cultural and historical sites of Vietnam

Ethnic Minorities Holiday – visit areas with large populations of Vietnam many
colourful ethnic minorities

The Mekong Delta Tour – one of the vacations to explore the canals, swamps, orchards and floating markets of the Mekong River’s vast-delta.

Vietnam beaches for tropical cavations – a selection of Vietnam’s abundance of tropical beaches from luxury resorts to hideaways coves and islands.

Vietnam adventure tours and travel includes:

The Opera House in Hanoi Nature trails – Vietnam’s rich biodiversity: natural parks and reserves, forests, wetlands and coastal zone ecosystems

Adventure travel with biking and diving activities – example of some (but no mean all) of the more energetic activities that Vietnam can offer

Vietnam honeymoon packages and vacations includes:

Take it Easy Honeymoon: a week-long honey to enjoy yourselves in one of the best beaches in Vietnam

Wine and Rose Honeymoon: a honeymoon to remember with relaxing and exploring one of Vietnam's major attractions

Tam Coc in Ninh Binh Exclusive and eco-friendly honeymoon: get-away time in one of the exclusive and luxury resorts in Vietnam while enjoying the eco-friendly destinations unspoilt by tourism.

Vietnam Veteran and Military tours includes:

The American Theatre for Vietnam Veterans– a tour to see what remains of the bitterest and most tragic conflicts of the 20th century, meet some of the people included, and understand Vietnam’s perspective

The Australia Theatre – a tour to see maint battle fields in Vietnam that Australian troups operated.

Southeast Aisan Tour Extensions includes:

Cambodia Wonder Extension – experience one of the most spectacular wonders of human being.

Laos Hightlight Extension – a week to experience laid-back Laos' capital and its Unesco heritage city.

Malaysian Historical Link - explore British colonial regime in one of the most developed country of Southeast Asia.

Thailand Overview Extension – get insight the vibrant oriental city and its smiling ethnic minority groups.

Indochina Colonial Luxury – visit the best traditional colonial hotels in the main cities of Indochina and savourite opulent life-style of the French Colonial Empire.


Please remember that these are not ‘packages’. Regards them as starting points and feel free to change them as you wish – combine them or add extra days – what ever you wish for your vacations!

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