Burning hi-tech product for the dead

“When my kid was alive, he very liked enjoying on-line games thus I actually have to shop for a 3G USB continue burn for him thus he will have a web and play online games within the underworld”.

This is one in all attention-grabbing orders for votive paper product retailers on Hanoi’s droop Ma street throughout the competition of the Kitchen God, that falls on January twenty six.

Votive paper producers have quickly custom-made to the days to form the foremost fashionable electronic product like iPhone, iPad, laptop and digital cameras to serve the dead. However, Mrs. Loan, who runs a votive paper search on droop Ma street was astonished by the request of a lady.

After buying necessary things for the Kitchen God competition, the middle-aged girl ordered an iPhone, a laptop, and a MP3 player, all of that the search may immediately give. “I was terribly stunned when she ordered a web affiliation drive,” Loan said.

“When my kid was alive, he liked enjoying on-line games considerably thus I actually have to shop for a 3G USB continue burn for him thus he will have web and play on-line game within the underworld,” the girl said.

She lost her second son in a very traffic accident over a year ago. 1st the girl studied web affiliation strategies and then she asked Loan to style a 3G USB stick for her dead son as a result of device is incredibly convenient.

The woman conjointly said that she would burn plenty of votive cash for her son pay web fees.

“We haven’t faced any technical matter for such distinctive orders however through this order, I will learn from expertise for next year,” Loan said.

According to votive paper retailers, name hi-tech product are selling fine this year. A paper laptop is priced VND30,000 ($1.5), a paper iPhone VND80,000 ($4), a paper MP3 player VND70,000 and a 3G USB stick is VND40,000 ($2). However, they solely turn out these items in orders.

Since mid-January, several retailers have sold many iPhones and laptops and that they have refused new orders since early in the week.

Hang Ma Street was most crowded within the morning of January twenty five, in some unspecified time in the future before the Kitchen God competition. product for the dead were hung in front of retailers or displayed on the pavement. excluding ancient things like ancient costumes and money, cars and garments with world famous brands were conjointly out there.

Sellers said that the living standards of Hanoians have gotten higher thus it’s not troublesome to sell votive product price of many many USD.

Source: Vietnamnet

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