England’s Lakes, Pools and Ponds

There are few things as refreshing as jumping in an exceedingly cool lake on a hot summer’s day. people who have the posh of getting a home within the country in all probability take this as a right, however we have a tendency to town people got to search way and wide for these tiny utopias.


Serpentine Swimming Club: everybody who lives in London is aware of Hyde Park, and everybody who is aware of Hyde Park is aware of the Serpentine Gallery. Well not too removed from the gallery may be a lake that is open all year for swimming.

Hampstead Mixed Pond: The ponds up in Hampstead are open each day to the general public. There are separate men and women’s ponds. There has been swimming at the men’s pond for over ninety years and a convention of being a club for chess players, weight-lifters, readers and sunbathers. There are springboards within the middle of the pond where the Highgate Diving Club used to follow within the Nineteen Thirties.


Kings Oak Swimming Pool, High Beach: This swimming pool is intended in Nineteen Thirties vogue and is heated. It’s currently a part of a personal hotel simply north of Chingford. there’s an oversized pub garden and sometimes a barbeque going. When the weather is hot and/or vacation season is in full swing, it will get terribly crowded. there’s a full track at the rear of the hotel and its pub is commonly used for bike club meet-ups.

Tollesbury- Woodup Pool: Woodup Pool has been opened since 1907. it’s unengaged to swim in and quite empty within the mornings that may be a nice, peaceful thanks to begin the day for swimming lovers. There are salt marshes, boats, riverscape, tides and wildlife within the surrounding areas.


Hatchmere, Delamere Forest: This lake was once a sinkhole when glacial ice melted in an exceedingly depression within the ground. The water temperature is sometimes a heat 20C within the summer. Hatchmere may be a excellent place to relish a day, have a picnic and be with the family.

Nantwich out of doors Brine Pool: Nantwich has been open since 1934 and is that the last surviving inland salt water pool within the country. it’s kept at the nice and cozy temperature of 74C.


Tinside Lido, Hoe Road, Plymouth, Devon: This lido includes a semi-circular pool of clear water with a water fountain within the centre. it absolutely was originally in-built 1935 however was refurbished a few years later in an art deco vogue.

Topsham Swimming Pool, Devon: this can be a more recent pool, however what it lacks in art deco heritage it makes up for in heat and luxury. With solar panels on the roof, the pool is heated and ideal for youngsters.

The lakes, ponds and pools of England provide it that good country feel that we regularly miss when in an exceedingly town living our busy day to day lives. otherwise to expertise the country’s natural wonders is by flying over them in an exceedingly hot air balloon.

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